Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Soho Penthouse Roof Deck

This rooftop garden creates a lush and private setting on a once open tar roof. Bringing plants, flowers and song birds to the urban environment fulfills our mission of
"Creating the Green in between".

The designs of this garden highlight City Beautiful Carpentry's skill at creating beautiful custom decks, planter boxes, benches, arbors and cabinetry.

The overall accomplishment of this project adds an increased amount of usable space and an improvement in the quality of life for our clients.

Includes planter box/bench units, and a forest-full of bamboo for privacy and meditation.
This is an outdoor jacuzzi, completely encased in ipe.

A close-up of the copper nosing.


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    Toronto Painter

  2. That looks gorgeous! The architectural design of the whole deck goes well with the "nature-like" concept. Indeed, "Creating Green in between" is definitely the right name for this project. This is a good example of excellent carpentry skills for sure.

    Max Boughner

  3. Wow! This roof deck is amazing! The intricate designs and the geometric details of the deck make it very elegant. There’s even a Jacuzzi placed there for cold summer night! Also, the oriental atmosphere of the roof definitely makes it very relaxing. I can imagine spending time there, immersed in the warm waters of the Jacuzzi, just enjoying the evening breeze.Santo Caridine

  4. Your roof is gorgeous! For someone who has been living in the city for quite some time, your roof is a breath of fresh air. If you ask me, it is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. I love it!

    Nelson Kamaka

  5. A safe, sweet haven, indeed! This deck is certainly ideal for reflecting and relaxing. The wooden joinery and the green plants set a wonderful and elegant mood, as there is a combination of both the rural and urban setting.

    - Joanne Barragan

  6. This roof deck is very, very wonderful! A Jacuzzi on the roof? Wow! It’s the best time to relax under the bright sky. I guess this kind of idealized haven on the top of a building is increasingly becoming a hit nowadays.

    Richard Boles

  7. I find this roof deck quite romantic. Do you feel it? It gives off the kind of atmosphere that makes you feel sleepy or stay close with someone special to you. The wooden accents everywhere gave the whole area an uplifting mood. I believe the material is also durable, which could last for more years to come. Oh I wish to stay here at least once.

    Ashlee Starns

  8. Whoa! This rooftop garden is gorgeous. The jacuzzi is a cool feature. It's great to see green areas in an urban edifice like this. I hope this project will be adapted globally in the future.

    -Rodney Orton

  9. Awesome!! Adding a stylish deck and a Jacuzzi really enhances the overall aesthetic of the place! This is great in the summer especially after you had a spa tanning. How I wish we also have a place like this on the top of our building! Haha!

    Kermit Lukacs

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  11. Wow, this roof deck can be my mini sanctuary! A cozy place like this can be a perfect spot for my yoga meditation. A setting like this can allow you to commune with your innermost being while attuning yourself with nature. It’s a nice thing that, after a tiring day from work, there is an area like this in your home that can allow you to unwind and refresh your tired and exhausted mind!

    Lakisha Autin

  12. The yards that are shown here as well as the wood work is absolutely beautiful. The time that goes into this type of work must of been exhausting but well worth it. In my dreams I see the hot tub right beside the pool and deck.

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